Thursday, March 13, 2014

I spent money instead of running

Maybe it's just as well. It was a little cooler today, and I'd have had to wear tights to run. Oh, the March humanity?

What was the money for? A deposit on something for the back yard. Photos when it's installed. Promise.

I was feeling a little something or other this morning, and left a good little rant on the writing industry on a buddy's blog comments. If you're interested in that, look here.

There was some stretching this evening. This was my view. More supervision. Vague disapproval.

Last night as I was going to bed I had to stop and grab this shot. I had to, even though I woke them up. Celina had had her face tucked into Curtis's armpit.


  1. And I loved your rant! There's lots to rant about when it comes to the publishing industry - and lots to cause serious drinking (the reason The Husband makes copious amounts of wine :)

    Looking forward to the back yard reveal!!! Love the pic of the cats - awwww!!

    1. I might have to take pics of the before and after of the back yard. It's horrible now, trust me. The snow is a blessing, really, when it comes to that area. Wine. mmmmmm! I'll be off to Red Deer to buy 4 kits on Saturday. Pics there too.


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