Friday, March 7, 2014

An outdoor almost run

It went from about -18 C (0F) to just above freezing today. When I started my "run", the ice had just begun to melt. By the time I got back, half an hour later, there was lots of actual liquid water in the street. As opposed to the mineral form of water we've had for months.

The run was nothing special, other than being the first run since the long weekend. I ran maybe 3.5 K tops, in 25 minutes. The GPS was not working, so no map. It all felt pretty good, though my legs were getting a bit tired toward the end. My lungs felt pretty good about it. I'm hoping to sleep really well tonight.

Let's not fool ourselves. Spring is months away. MONTHS! It will be no surprise to get a huge dump of snow in the next few weeks. One year we got more than a foot and a half on one day. Could be this year again. Never know. But at least this weekend is supposed to be warm. Sunday's run might be in shorts. I will do a selfie of the skinny white legs. That ought to put you all off your lunch.

This morning had an adventurous start. I was sitting there with my laptop. Curtis hopped up onto the arm of the chair I was in. There was a bit of a cough. I pushed him off, and moved the laptop. In that time he barfed out his breakfast, it landing on the chair just beside me, a few inches from the laptop keyboard. I'm sure Apple has tried to revive a laptop destroyed by cat vomit, but I'm sure glad I didn't have to ask them. I'd thought about swimming this morning, but cleaning up after that made me want to have a shower right then, not at the pool. Plus my nostrils were all whiney and whingy about the whole thing.


  1. Sure hope this warm weather sticks around for a bit. The cabin fever is getting to us.

    Oh how nice of Curtis to almost destroy your laptop! That's one way to get your attention!

    1. Supposed to be a week of nice weather. I think if I want to get out on the snowshoes, tomorrow, early, had better be the day.


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