Saturday, March 8, 2014

58 bottles of wine on the rack, 58 btls of wine, if one of those bottles

Whatever order the photos show up in. We are finally starting to see daylight going in to work in the morning. I got this photo from one of the +15s, it's pretty obvious which one. What I was hoping for was the orange of the sunrise. The direct photo of it didn't work, but the reflection shot did, sort of, if you look really carefully. 

What you can't see in this photo is the bowl of granola off to the right. Curtis is enroaching. I had to struggle with the spell checker to get that, and yes it's spelled right. He isn't interested in me, or even my coffee particularly. He wants my granola. He would walk on my keyboard to get there, if he thought I wouldn't notice.

It has warmed up. In the course of a short almost run (see yesterday's post) the side of the street went from solid ice to this. Today the water is running even more. Not spring yet, not even close. But we'll take it.

I spent some of today chipping ice, and trying to keep the run off from going down my sidewalk. Which is fun, but I gave myself a couple of blisters doing it. Such a weenie.

Much of the day was downstairs bottling wine. The white in the carboy before bottling. Such a beautiful colour, and a good hard layer of sediment. 

Stupid rotation wars. This is what they look like all dressed up. Now they're snuggled into the rack for 3 months.

The white was 28 bottles, and the red 30 bottles, which is a bit unusual. Usually I get 29 bottles. The white is very tasty. There were only a few drops left in the carboy after filling 30 bottles, and that was pretty tasty too. What am I saying? All my wine is tasty. 

Two kits are waiting for me in Red Deer, and as soon as they call to say the last one is in, I'm off to pick them up. If you want to come along and worship at the mecca of wine in Alberta, let me know. I usually head up on a weekend morning when the weather is nice.

There is lots of glass to clean, so I'll probably break out the bleach and spend part of tomorrow doing that, if I survive the run. I'll be sure to wear my road ID so my run buddy's know who to call if I collapse. I have faith they will drag me back to the parking lot. I hope.

Lastly, languid cats, snoozing in the afternoon sun. I wanted so much to join them. Curtis was snoring.


  1. Good luck on the run today, Keith! Looks like spring has sprung, but we all know there's more on the way (I remember a nasty snow storm at the end of April in Alberta 6 or so years ago! What a mess!!

  2. Oh Curtis!!!

    I'm so happy I can drink wine again!! I need it now more than ever!!! Is your preferred wine kit store in RD? Where we used to get ours in the NW closed down.

    1. I go to Valentines in Red Deer. It's near the Superstore. Great prices, and I can't imagine a better selection. All the goodies you need. Worth the trip.


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