Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It snowed.

A lot. And it got blown around a lot too.

Monday we made it in to work. No swim. Last time I swam when it was crappy weather I couldn't get a parking spot. We ended up in the new City Parkade, all spiffy and shiny in the new paint scheme. Very bright and clean, especially considering all 7 stories of it were under water for much of July.

Going home was an exercise in patience, but it didn't take as long as I feared. We didn't even try on Tuesday. When I looked out and saw that another several inches of snow had fallen, and no plow, I made the arbitrary decision to go back to bed. I don't haven anything that urgent happening at work. The roads look like a sloppy enchilada out there, and I didn't need to be on them. By tomorrow they should be better, since the snow has essentially stopped.

What did I do with my free day?

Wrote a bunch. I've got a nice scene to add to the Kona trip. In between working on that I got a very nice hour long spin session done after the first round of snow shoveling. That's the longest I've been on the bike in quite some time, maybe almost a year, and it felt great! The cramp or whatever it was in my right leg from Saturday is almost completely gone.

Linda had been working on a butter lamb recipe. Like butter chicken, only with lamb. Tres yummy, as you might expect. More writing. A very light shoveling again.

Here's some recent photos. I just love reflection shots.

The driveway was deep enough Monday night that it scraped the underside of the car. At least I didn't have to shovel it first to get up it, which has happened a few times.

In process of shoveling.

The view this morning.

The sun trying to break through the murk about mid day.

After the clouds essentially went away it turned into a nice day. Kind of cool, -16, with a -26 C windchill.

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