Friday, October 4, 2013

450 + K

I'm not sure how big the plus is, since it's all the running I did in Bermuda earlier this year. As some of you know I buy shoes and then forget about them. Runmeter keeps track of shoe milage, which I had known at some point because I set it up.

It turns out that I just ticked over 450 K on these shoes, plus somewhere between 50 and 100 K that I ran in Bermuda. Just over 300 miles, and I bought them just over a year ago. Probably 75 runs on them. They seem to be in good shape, per the photos. Not too squoogy, though some of the inside lining is wearing away on the inside of the heels.

How do you know when it's time to replace them?

The run tonight was very nice, 6K, 40 minutes. Started easy, and tried to work on form. Overall it felt really good. Stretched after.

It was a beautiful evening for a run, 14 C, sunny, no wind. Oddly enough, though I was running after work, I didn't see any other runners. Hardly any dog walkers. I was beginning to wonder what was keeping people inside on such a nice night.

There was a odd set of experiences walking to the LRT after work. Pairs. A pair of women dressed in identical loose gray shirt and skirt combo. Two guys in nice suits carrying identical bright orange bags. A pair of identical twins; for a second there I thought my eyes had gone bad. Two very similar looking girls wearing the same shirts handing out flyers or something on the mall. Two Asian girls wearing actual toques, both with a nice snowflake design. What made it odd was was the rest of the clothing was on the skimpy side even for a summer day, let alone October.

Should be a fun weekend. I'll be cheering on blog and twitter buddies at the 7 K mark of the Harvest Half, then meeting up for coffee. Then meeting up with another buddy for a run in Fish Creek on Sunday. I think we'll go up the Hill of Death, and along the south side of the park at the top of the escarpment, then down and back. Maybe 10 K nice and easy? We'll see. Maybe some others will show, and we'll have a nice group run.


  1. I'll be looking for you at 7k!

    I think I know it's time to replace my shoes when I start having some sort I pain. I thought it was time to replace my current shoes but I think I was just having pregnancy related pain- the people at RR said they had some life left in them.

    Which hill is the Hill of Death in FC? I can think of a few that would be considered that!

    1. It's the far west hill on the south side, really near 37 St. Really steep. I would never even attempt to ride my bike up or down it. You can see a winter picture, in this post, though it doesn't look that steep.


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