Sunday, July 21, 2013

A twofor

If you missed it this morning, first thing, there were some nice photos of flower blooming and cats supervising. That was while enjoying this morning on the patio, quietly reading and drinking coffee. You also might have missed the post before that, which includes a novel snippet, wherein Dwen ends up being taken to a strip bar for a work lunch.

After a while I stirred myself into action and ran a whole 5 K! I haven't done that since Bermuda in February. Today felt nice and relaxed, mostly running easily, legs feeling good. The last half K was starting to fall apart a bit as I tried to maintain my pace. Overall it was 32 minutes and a few seconds for a 6:27 per K pace. Very nice for me. Stretched after. Legs are a bit tired.

The graph looks a bit weird because I didn't change it from cycle to run. The blue line is a speed, not a pace, so a higher line is better.

We had friends drop in for a social afternoon, drinking wine and chatting. Scoping out the exterior of the house too, of course. I'm quite happy to let things on my to do list age a little bit more when the choice is doing them, or chatting with friends.

BBQ bison and sitting on the patio finished up another weekend disappearing in a blur.

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