Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yay, official end to cranky legs!

Normally I don't have much difficulty coming up with stuff to write about here. How much my readers like it is another story entirely, but that's their business. Some things they like, and I guess that's about as good as it gets.

The formerly cranky legs have been improving a lot over the last month or so, and the last week have been back into normal territory. Normal, in the sense of I've felt this way before after races and big workouts, the next day. Normal in the sense that things are still tight and I'm still hoping and working for improvement.

During my massage today I got worked over pretty good. There were a few tight spots still, but overall much better. She even got to work on my shoulders and mid back a bit.

Once home I was pretty eager to get on the bike. My idea was to do a bit of a spin to flush the legs, and then some stretching with a bit of core. And holy cow! My legs felt good on the bike, light, even, and spinning smoothly. At one point not all that long after getting on, I looked down to see 95 rpm, which over the last bunch of rides was bumping up against my limits. Today it felt easy.

Still, I didn't push it. Did a few spin ups, and tried a few minutes of moderate effort, with an easy spin cool down. 30 minutes altogether, then onto my mat. Good stretch and core session.

I'm looking forward to a gradual start, trying to build some consistency as I rebuild my base, and not get my legs cranky again. I never thought I'd say that I've missed running.

I see that the trailer for the second Hobbit movie is out. Smaug, what I could see of him, looks pretty good. Still, I have the same objections to it, that I had to the first one. There seems to be lots of stuff in it that isn't in the book, or even hinted at in the book. Making 3 long movies was expected for Lord of the Rings, and justice was done there. But 3 long movies for one short book? Seems like over kill to me. I suspect this one will end just as the main battle at the end of the book begins.

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