Saturday, June 22, 2013

We gardened

I have overdosed on flood porn. I've been obsessive about checking twitter and facebook every few minutes and looking at the many many pictures and videos. I won't put any of it here, since I'm assuming that if you want to look, you can ask Mrs Google yourself. We remain warm and dry.

Yesterday evening was actually like summer, and we went for a bit of a walk. There was a nice sunset with a beautiful full moon showing up.

 Today started nice. Linda went out to the garden centre and got some plants. As many of you know, our flower beds have been a disaster of their own for a while. This is the year to start doing something about it. I'd dug out the two long front ones and cleaned out the growth. Two roses were to replace the day lilies and other encroaching plants at the end of the boxes. If these roses are anything like the Alberta rose by the garage, in a few years I'll be trimming it back with a chainsaw and trying to keep it out of the lawn.

The idea was to take out the lilies and divide them up. We wanted to be pretty through about getting the intruders out, but couldn't wash them like we had planned. Calgary has banned the outdoor use of tap water to help the treatment plants stay on top of the required supply. In a side note, I am laughing at all the people buying bottled water. Calgary tap water is very good all the time, and it's still exceeding the provincial standards.

So we had fun hacking the lilies apart and put them in the other boxes. Chatting to a couple neighbours.  Enjoying the sunshine. Glad I'd sprayed mosquito repellent.

We were just about done when it started raining, so we packed it up. Old day lilies are really tough, so I hope at least some survive the experience.

It rained a very little bit, much less than what we had expected from the clouds. After we were gone we slipped back out to battle the swarms of mosquitoes to plant the last of the other stuff. Petunias, I think Linda said they were. Whatever. Most of my experience is with waste water and petroleum plants. I barely know one kind of green plant from another.

I was down really working my left calf muscle, and a bit of tenderness on the bottom of my foot. It was fine during our walk and tightened up a lot after. Today it's been tight again, so I was downstairs rolling and stretching. It almost feels bruised.

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