Friday, June 28, 2013

The vet adventure

First, if you haven't read my retrospective on hitting 1500 blog posts, you need to go look it over. I included links to a bunch of posts that might help explain what's going on here.

Today's adventure was to take two cats to the vet at the same time. Oddly enough, we've never done that before. All our other cats were on different inspection and validation schedules. Since these two are  almost exactly the same age, and we got them at the same time, they are on the same inspection schedule. Somehow, I had to do this alone. Linda, displaying her talent for knowing ALL, had another appointment so she couldn't help.

There was a promising beginning, both were asleep in the afternoon sun. I stalked and pounced Curtis. The capture went well, since he's pretty amiable about that. He was not happy about being stuffed into the carrier. He somehow managed to get his toes into the air slots, and resisted quite strongly. I had to pull him out, flip him over, hold him by the paws and slide him in.

Celina was even tougher. She is very strong for her size. When I tried the same stunt, she somehow managed to double back on me like a snake and almost escaped. There were  a bunch of very plaintive complaints. The car was a very loud trip, but once we all got into the vet's waiting room they were placid again. There was a small dog going crazy there, so I think they felt they had to be dignified and stoic, just to keep up the cat image.

This is the same vet we've been going to for about 30 years now. They just moved closer to us, into the space a Roger's Video store used to be in. You know, I miss that whole business model already. I'm pretty sure by the time I get onto the "get things over the internet and display them on your 60 inch flat screen", there will be some entirely new thing coming along. And when or if I get on THAT, it will be on the way out shortly after. Since by then I'll be getting on, and Kurzweil's singularity may have happened, I (me personally) might not have the wetware capable of compliance. By then every book on earth will be dust or nearly so, except for a few in museums. I don't know what I'll do to amuse myself then.

Where was I? Yes, wrestling with cats. Good exercise. The cats are fine, other than Curtis being a few pounds to heavy according to the vet, and a tendency to some teeth issues. As always, once they were out even at the vet's office, they didn't want to get back in again. I'm fine, though the matter was in doubt for a few minutes. Afterward the wine and nice dinner was well earned.

Yesterday I was just about ready to head downstairs for a spin session when I saw an email from my boss about coming in to work. So I did for a few hours to push a brutal spreadsheet a little further towards completion. After getting home I got on the bike and had a moderate spin session, then a good core and stretch session. Mobile plank and all. The side plank with the leg raises is coming along.

I could feel it a bit in my legs this morning, leading to another stretch session. Mowing the lawn counts as core, since it's one of those push mowers. It was a beautiful day here, and for much of the last several years I'd have gone for a bike ride. However I'm still getting my bike sit bones toughened up, and I'm not sure how my legs will deal with some of the hills. Eventually I'll have to try.

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