Thursday, June 20, 2013

The rain is NOT mainly in the plain

It's everywhere.

Google Canmore Cougar Creek, or High River, or Bragg Creek. It's awesome and horrifying all at once. There is lots of water upstream of much of Southern Alberta, and its all trying to come downhill at once. A good chunk of central Calgary along the rivers are in the process of being evacuated. They think by morning 100,000 people will be displaced. I won't be going in to work tomorrow. There are entire communities under mandatory evacuation order. High River looks like it has about 4 feet of water in the main street.

Even getting home today was a bit of an ordeal. A bunch of low lying roads were closed. They've built a berm 6 feet high across 5th Ave near Elbow. But first, I had to take the shuttle to the Honda dealership to get the car. Routine servicing. That's up in the NE, only a few blocks from where I used to work. This time of day it usually took 35 to 45 minutes or so to get home. Deerfoot was a parking lot, so I went north to 16th, over to 52nd, south to Glenmore, South again on Barlow to Deerfoot, then north to Anderson and home. It took 1.25 hours. Lots of traffic. Lots of rain. I got a few shots along the way. These are straight out of the camera, no Snapseed or other enhancements.

This last one was just a few minutes ago. Torrential rain just ending.

We are warm and dry, so far. If the water gets so high that we have to evacuate, then essentially the entire city will need a place to go. Can't go west, the road is partially washed away near Canmore. Can't go south, the road is flooded and might be washed away near High River.

Somehow don't have the ambition to do a bike and core workout tonight.

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