Wednesday, June 12, 2013

pre-rant, and warm yoga

My legs continue to be good. If I'd known how warm the yoga studio would be, I'd have skipped class and gone for a run instead. It's such a nice night out, and our regular instructor is out of town. Her replacement was nice, and there were lots of good moves in there. However I was much sweatier today than usual.

There has been a ton of stuff swirling in my brain lately. Work is busy. My novel is percolating. I'm trying to get regular with workouts and continue with core. Plus, there is all the stupidity that's happening lately. In no particular order, Rob Ford (multiple indictments), Stephen Harper (multiple indictments), Duffy (multiple indictments), Wright, Wallen, Quebec Soccer Federation, Alberta Health system (multiple indictments), the Alberta government in general, and several others that are swirling too fast to be noted at the moment. Any or all of these might be involved in an upcoming blog. I'm thinking tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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