Monday, June 17, 2013

Faucet failure with a side of slutty

Sunday was a whole lot of nothing. Well, that isn't true. I did get a couple things scratched off my to do list. The jungle got repressed, once again. The eco spray seems to be doing a nice number on the dandylions, but it isn't touching the vetch and that other stuff. Another flower box got finished off, ready for planting. A ton of Anise Hysop is coming up. I thought we'd got rid of that a long time ago, but I guess it's patient. I looked at playing with money to pay bills, but lost ambition. Maybe tonight.

There was an embarrassing moment in the washroom of the pub where we hold our book club meeting. I was waving my hands under the outlet, and nothing was happening. Then I realized this is a more primitive model, where I actually have to touch something to make the water flow. Oh, the humanity! I'm glad nobody was watching.

What I was trying not to watch was either of the two waiters. I can appreciate that they need to hustle for tips, and it helps to dress to accent your highlights, so to speak. But there's a line, and both of crossed over into slutty territory. One had a mostly off the shoulder top and a spaghetti strap bra on. Well, mostly on. Most of of the time it and the top was not just off the shoulder, but off the bicep and working on the crook of the elbow. I figured it was even money the right boob was going to make a break for daylight. The other waiter was more covered, but the outfit, the hair, and the makeup looked like she had just got off shift from her dominatrix job. She was scary. Service was very slow. In the few months we've been there things have gone downhill pretty far.

Much of Sunday was working on my novel. A new and interesting character has shown up in two different places.

Then the important part of the day, placating the mammals of the house. And BBQing the bison burgers.

There was a really good stretch and core session after getting warmed up working on the lawn. I can feel it in my hams today. I'm already tired of the lawn growing, and monsoon season can end any time now. Getting a bobcat in to strip off all the grass is more and more attractive.

This glass of wine is tasting very good. I'll be ready for bed soon.

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