Friday, March 1, 2013

The rum swizzles never hurt

Contrary to what most people that see my basement think, we are not big drinkers. In the last couple days I've had more mixed drinks than in the entire year previous. Those rum swizzles go down pretty good. There were more today on the cruise around the Hamilton Harbor today. Along the way we saw this really cute little beach. I strongly suspect that the sign says go away.

On the way back into town I got this shot of the Hamilton waterfront. No Snapseed, though I might play with it later. This place has so many amazing shades of blue.

Other than the free cruise around the harbour, complete with goodies,

we didn't do much other than sleep in, and stroll around Hamilton. We are scoping out what to do next. Whale watching is on the agenda, but we don't yet know which day it will be on. Vacation, you know.

I'm writing this in the darkness, sitting beside the pool. Looking up, I can see the stars. I don't recognize any of them of course. I'm not an astronomer, and this batch of them would typically be below the horizon. If the wind would stop it would be perfect to sit here drinking my wine. Life is good.

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  1. Blogging in the dark, that is totally cool! Maybe I can try it out this summer...if the mosquitoes don't all come to feast on me!!


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