Friday, March 8, 2013

The lash of salt spray

It's still very windy here. I got a bunch more writing done last night and this morning, even if I couldn't do it outside. We had a long discussion about what to do today. Over coffee. Watching a few showers zoom through. After sleeping in a bit. My legs are feeling a little cranky so I didn't run first thing. Or any thing. Maybe tomorrow.

We were watching morning television after the weather report. There is a guy selling workout DVDs called Insanity. No equipment, just a bazzillion isometric exercises done at high intensity. They said you'd be well on your way to being ripped in 2 months. It looked tough. Even though I'd like to expose my shy and retiring 6 pack, I didn't order the video.

Eventually we headed off and ended up at the Swizzle Inn. Can you picture a combination of a grilled cheese sandwich and fish and chips? Now I can. As near as I can tell they batter and fry the fish, then pop it onto an open grilled cheese with tomato, then close it all up. It's huge, and delicious. Look at the name of the place if you want to know what we powered down a half pitcher of.

From there we wandered out and spent some time on the railway trail again. We wandered through Ducks Puddle Park, then Coney Island Park. This left us completely exposed to the wind and sea spray at times. Wind that nearly knocked me off my feet a few times. Enough spray we had to clean off our sunglasses several times, and I was licking more salt off my lips than I did during ironman.

Then into Hamilton to pick up some goodies. The Miles Market is a MUST for chocoholics. Pity it's so far from here, but then maybe it's just as well. I think I've lost a bit of weight.

Here's a few more I unretouched photos from today. I often end up taking a bunch of the same shot, hoping the spray will appear, or that I'll be standing still enough, or any number of other photography flaws cancel each other out. There was a 45 second long video of my trying to stop the video. I couldn't see squat on the screen.

That big fort on to of the hill is the Martello fort I ran to the other day. If the rail bed was still there getting home would be a walk in the park. As it is, it took about a 20 minute bus ride and a bit of walking.

A tiny little harbour. That gap in the rocks isn't much wider than the boat. The rock wall was 10 to 15 feet high, I think, and the spray was often coming over top.

A nice column near the market. Clear blue sky's at this point. 20 minutes later there was a brief rain shower.

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