Saturday, March 16, 2013

Temporarily frazzled

I remember when airline travel was fun. Traveling home on (gag choke) Air Canada, I've been stuck over and over again by all the stupidity inherent in the system.

Frazzled at the moment because I could take two bottles of rum onto the pane from Bermuda, yet not in my carry on from Toronto to Calgary. I should have put it in our checked bags during the 5 minute window of opportunity.

We wend our way through the maze, till the security guy hauls them out and says its unsafe to take liquids onto the airplane. There they are in a Bermuda duty free bag, with the receipt, right off the plane. Since my checked bag is deep in the bowels of the system, I had to give it up, or go back and check in my carry on bag. For an extra bag fee of $20 to add insult to injury. I was seriously afraid my red sweaty face was going to trigger some quota seeking guard. Sure enough I had to do the extra check. Linda was waiting for me with rolled eyes. Good think we had lots of time. At least they put a fragile sticker on it. I wonder if I'll see it again at the other end. At least I remembered to take out my iPad.

Nice lunch for an airport. Now waiting for our flight. Better than a night at the airport hotel like last year. Still wondering how long they will continue with the stupid no electronics rule. Wondering who could possibly 'breathe normally' if the masks drop out during flight. Watching the cabin crew struggle through handing out food and drinks via a very poor process. Glad that planes do exist to get us around. Getting to Bermuda by train and ship from Calgary would take the better part of a week.

Missing our kitties. Can't wait to get home.

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