Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some dressed up photos

Normally, wind resistance is not an issue during a run. Normally doesn't apply during gale force winds. The weather tower was singing all night long. It sounds much like a jet airliner as it comes in to land. Running along the ocean this morning was a bit like running up a steep hill. Leaning forward and pushing hard. At one point the headwind nearly stopped me mid stride.

Ran about 40 minutes, through town to Gates Fort, up to Ft Catharine, and back via Kyber Pass road. Started by limbering up and running really easy, and then pushing fairly hard when it felt good for a nice run. Walked to cool down, just missed some rain. Lots of stretching after.

There are some tall ship sailing school in port. I've chatted with a couple people from them. Today we walked down the hill to look at the ships close up, then stocked up on supplies. (Wink, wink.) Most of the rain has been quick showers, but just as we got home it settled in.

We are otherwise taking it easy today. I've spent a bit of time playing with Snapseed to clean up the photos, but not push them over the edge into art. The first one is of course Linda sitting at a little picnic area in Coney Island, mostly out of the wind.

Different parts of Horseshoe bay.

Looking along the coastline.

There people up in the rigging doing something in preparation for their departure on Sunday. Their next port of call is the Azores.

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