Monday, March 11, 2013

Seals, otters, and octopuses!

The tower has stopped singing. The clouds aren't moving so much. The rain has stopped. The run this morning was the longest yet here, about 75 minutes. Warm and sunny. Drank coffee on the deck after.

Our adventure today was the Aquarium and Zoo. It's surprising large, with the expected marine creatures local to Bermuda. But there are also exhibits from Madagascar, the Caribbean, and Australia. The octopus has some toys on a string to play with; I just wished I was on the other end of the string. We watched the 4 seals for a while, though the mother was just working on her tan. The pair of river otters were delightful, as otters always are. Watched them for a while too. There is an alligator that they said didn't eat this time of year, but he had a bit of a gleam in his eye as he looked at me.

We wandered around Flatts Landing a bit, then into Hamilton. Goodies. Visited with a friend of a friend. Home for bison burgers on the BBQ.

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