Saturday, March 2, 2013

Run, beach, sun

To be honest, we were a little disappointed in the Hamilton market. Then again, we are spoiled in Calgary. Really spoiled. The whale watching is signed up, though there were so many caveats we might not end up not going. We will check out a local market here tomorrow but are not expecting much.

Once back in town I got ready to run. It was cloudy and sort of warm, at least by my standards. Limbered up and headed toward town centre, then through, down towards Gates Point, then along the shore. I never get tired of the ocean blue, so many blues. Past the beach, around back to town again. I didn't go all the way to the point since I could hear the beach calling me.

Shoes off. Back and forth on the beach a few times. The sun came out, and it was actually warm. Nice. The water was warmer than any Calgary triathlon, so I was in the water. Not a real swim, just getting wet. Then the clouds rolled in again as I was brushing the sand off my feet.

Ran a little more and joined up with a guy doing hill repeats. I saw him on an earlier run so we chatted a bit going up, then I carried on. Walked a few minutes back to the house and stretched. The whole thing took 90 minutes, but I've no idea how far I went. My left knee was feeling a little cranky, so I didn't push it too hard. It took a while to get settled in.

Later on I bbq'd organic chicken, which was very yummy, and opened a bottle of wine. Now we are vegging out, doing the vacation thing, and loving it.

Here's some photos. This is a Snapseeded version of a wall. I liked the various textures of stone.

While we were waiting for the harbour tour yesterday I was looking into the water, and noticed what looked like streamers coming from my head.

Even though they've been trying to cull the feral chickens, there are still lots of them. I see them every run. This one is waiting for a bus, at the main bus terminal in Hamilton.

Last is a view of the harbour only slightly tweaked in Snapseed.

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