Monday, March 25, 2013

Glad I didn't run

Today was nice, so nice. Clear and sunny, just above freezing. My legs are feeling better, or so I thought this morning. We moved offices so I got a slightly different chair. No, they don't move chairs. I don't have this one quite tuned in yet. Going home I could feel a bit of stiffness in my lower quads, but the other things that have been cranky, weren't. Even though I'm deep into an xl extract of a database, I need to get up and move around a bit.

We have a refresher dance class tonight. I had time to run, shower, and grab something to nibble. I really did. I saw several other runners out there having fun. Dance class was East Coast swing, which we know. We reminded ourselves of a bunch of steps. The a review of waltz. Once we saw it again, we were good to go.

The only problem is that waltz is ONE, twwwwooooooooo, three rhythm, with a deep knee bend on one. It didn't take much of that for my knees to start feeling cranky again.

Sunday I forgot to talk about a good solid core and stretching session. Pushups even. More than one set of them. Including some other things with them, mountain climbers, legs up, legs out to the side. Lots of oblique ab stuff. Pigeon forever.

Neither did I mention BBQing the rack of lamb. Oh so yummy. One person at the office said they were going to follow me to my office and help me eat it. As if. And I haven't even mentioned the dessert from Yum.

The rest of the week is supposed to be nice, with one day almost nice enough to be outside on the bike. Imagine that. I think I'll settle for a run.

I have this great blog title. The Shadow of the Paw. Now I need to figure out the rest of it.

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