Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beach running in paradise

Just so you know. I'm on the deck as the sun is going past the hill.

It's warm, with only the gentlest of breezes. There is a glass of wine just out of that photo. Dinner was superb. I'm happy. Let me tell you how I got that way.

I didn't intend to run today. Right heel, left knee, and left hip were all cranky this morning. I figured a day off was ok. Then on the way into Hamilton it turned into a perfect day, warm, sunny, gentle breeze. The ride in on the bus was exhilarating. Hardly anyone on it and the driver was really good. We think she was trying to set a record. At one point she pulled out and passed a car. No kidding. This is a first for me. We shopped a bit for the last time, and picked up more chocolaty goodness from the market.

The gentle walk and the nice day got me in the mood to run on a beach. As soon as I was home I changed and headed out. Ran very easy over to the beach by Ft. St. Catherine. Heel and knee still a bit cranky, but feeling better as I got going. Still a perfect day. Stripped off my shoes and socks. Started running back and forth, sometimes easy, sometimes hard, sometimes soft sand, sometimes packed sand, sometimes splashing in the water, sometimes not. A small family played on the beach and dabbled in the water.

A girl looking a bit like Sara Gross joined me shortly after starting. I thought she was nuts to be running in shoes, but every lap she headed up the driveway to the fort. I know from experience that pavement is really rough for bare feet. I walked through the water every 4 or 5 laps, then ran more, in perfect sunny weather. Warm enough to sweat, but not hot.

Eventually I got rid of everything but shorts, and put on my swim goggles. After getting wet I practiced beach transitions. It was near low tide. There's a bit of a shallow beach shelf knee deep, then it goes to chest deep or so quite quickly. I dashed in, dived, and swam hard maybe 50 m. Probably not as much as 100 m. It is the ocean and no lifeguard. Next stop is the Azores. Swam in hard, found the shallow bit, and burst out of the water to sprint up the beach. Ocean water tastes great!

I did that a few times, having fun. As I got out, she got in and swam back and forth. I didn't feel the need to actually distance swim so I ran easy to dry off a bit. Stretched. Walked. Chatted with her a bit when she got out. Turns out she's a Canadian teaching here, and this is her routine when it's nice enough. I did some stretching yoga on the beach. It's amazing to do yoga with a gentle surf background. Back bends are the most amazing thing ever when you're looking up into a clear blue sky.

Ran very easy back to the house. Not springy but feeling like I could go quite a while. However I knew the crankiness was still there and didn't push it. Chatted with Linda about future vacation plans. Rinsed off. Sipped wine. BBQd some beef tenderloin steaks in a custom Linda marinade, and had them with rice pilaf, veggies, and a simple salad.

Now you understand why I'm so happy? Oh, and here's the view just past the iPad, right this very second, not even standing up, lazy carcass that I am.

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  1. Awwwwesome! That sounds heavenly. I love the swimming and beach transitions. And I can imagine how nice it must have been to cool down with some yoga after. What a treat!

    Future vacation plans? Do tell!


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