Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another writing day, some of it on deck

Lots of rain this morning, though by the afternoon the winds were dropping and there was some sunshine. Naturally, I spent part of it out by the pool, writing. We had a hard night last night, watching 3 or 4 episodes of Wipeout. I love the squawks the women let out as they get whapped into the water by some rotating implement.

Here's more of the raw novel snippet.

'Thats good. Now keep in mind that people will see different things, that's true even where we come from. You see x, a fairly utilitarian space. I see a much more comfortable space, quite a bit bigger.'
'How can we be seeing such different things, even down to room size?'
He smiled. 'Here's the secret. If you are here, you are helping to create it. You yourself at the moment, not so much. That's how they know you and Les didn't really belong. But since you were here at all, there was the chance you could learn. Some people stumble in, and manage to learn enough on their own, though the odds are not good. As long as you're with me, nobody will look twice at you. Well, the human guys might, but that's different.
'We didn't create this, and we don't know how old it is. It's introduced to us during our training. When we knew there was a soft spot here, we really pushed to move onto your plant grounds. Getting into your old facility was perfect for us. Once we knew we had the space, we added that bit of tunnel to connect up.'
'You didn't actually dig it, I get that. How would think it into existence?'
'Lets walk before running. Are you done your coffee? Lets take a bit of a walk. Dirty dishes go here.'
'Do I dare ask who does the dishes? And the cooking?'
He grinned. 'That you have to have to ask tells me more about you. Lets go this way.' He walked her across the room. 'Are you seeing where we're going?'
'Not yet, though that wall is further away than I thought. Hey, where did that stairway come from?'
'It was always there. Lets go up. After you.'
Dwen started up the spiral stairway. They couldn't walk beside each other, but neither was it a really tight spiral where you had to pay attention to where you put your feet. 'How far up?'
'You'll know when you get there.'
Dwen paused to look over the railing. Somehow after two turns she couldn't really make out the cafeteria anymore, or even the walls. It all seemed to fade into fog. 'So is the fog normal, or am I limited again?'
'Well, this one is foggy to some extent. Ah, here we are.' He reached past Dwen to rap on a nice wooden door, then opened it. They walked into a plain stone walled hallway, turned right, and a few steps brought them to a large open room dominated by a Buddha statue. He bowed to a monk sweeping the floor, and after a brief pause Dwen did the same.
Outside that room was a nice balcony. Dwen gasped at the view. 'Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'

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  1. What an intriguing snippet, Keith. Have you posted a synopsis of the story somewhere?

    1. Unfortunately not. It doesn't exist as such. That would make life so much easier. I have two lead character with some snappy dialogue who can't decide if they are falling in love, or can't stand each other. There's a good supporting cast, some interesting locations and a fascinating one that I haven't worked out all the rules for yet. I have ideas noted that might or might not make it into the book, such as, 'how the inflatable shark got in and out of the aeration tank while the plant superintendent blew a gasket because of the tour for Chinese dignitaries.' I did a bunch of it a long time ago then got stuck and couldn't figure out what it wanted to be. Now I'm started again. Still not sure where I'm going

    2. but that left turn Dwen took has been very promising.


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