Monday, March 4, 2013

A slightly mistimed day for weather

This morning was sunny enough to sit outside, writing, and having a coffee. For a few minutes, then it rained. Then sunny again, outside again for more writing and coffee. More rain.

We left after breakfast anyway. Linda had been bouncing off the walls yesterday, as I quietly wrote, and she HAD to be out. We went out to Spanish Point. It looked like a nice park and some scenic views, plus seeing part of Bermuda we hadn't been to. The park is nice for a picnic, and isn't far from downtown, but the overall area is nothing to write home about. Unfortunately it was raining lightly when we got there, and slowly started raining harder. We made it back to the bus stop just before it started really coming down.
Here's some photos.

That photo above is a sunken dry dock. It would have been cool to snorkel it, but it was really windy with lots of waves.

Of course just as the bus came in, it stopped raining. The sun came out for a beautiful ride into Hamilton, and a bit of shopping. It was perfect for the entire bus ride home. It was perfect for a short meditative pose.

Then out for a nice 40 minute run, worrying about this.

That looked like it was going to arrive any second given the wind, but I made it back just before the real rain arrived. I ran through a part of St. George that I hadn't been in yet. There were a few little hills I pushed hard up, but mostly cruised along in sightseer mode. My knees felt fine. After a short bit of lashing windy rain, it cleared up enough to BBQ, and we had an amazing dessert. It's called Molly cake, and I've never heard of it.

Wine, of course. Blogging, with more writing later.

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  1. Looks as if you`re having an amazing vacation, Keith! So glad you brought the wherewithal to keep blogging. Not sure I`ll bring a computer with me when we head for Malta and France in June but you`ve inspired me to think about it.

    1. iPad is a great thing to bring along. Trips go fast when loaded up with books, movies or fun apps. Internet.

  2. Great photos, love the vibrant colors of the water and sand.


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