Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Saturday compendium

Lots of stuff today. For whatever reason I was up early this morning, catching up on Facebook and Twitter. Normally cats don't like citrus juice, but Curtis was very interested in the orange pineapple mixture we have on the go right now. Very interested. He likes to sit on my desk while I'm doing computer stuff. Every now and then he gives the computer keyboard commands that have taken me a while to figure out and fix. Here's a comparison to my my hand to give you an idea of his paw size.

My legs have been feeling better after the Wednesday massage. Downstairs for some limbering up, light stretching, mobility, a bit of core, and some meditation. I chose to try to meditate in Tree pose. Oddly enough, it's my arms that got tired first, trying to hold them above my head. My legs were perfectly happy with the pose. At first I thought my yoga teacher was nuts for saying it was meditative, but I'm beginning to get it. I have to admit that looking up to a ceiling of beams and sub-floor isn't the most enlightening view.

Then I was on my bike for 45 minutes of easy to moderate spin. This felt pretty good. My left knee still isn't very happy with standing. I had a cheerleader during my spin. Celina likes to encourage me to get all sweaty and finish, because then she's all over me as I stretch.


Earlier this week she was also 'helping' me type, but got all tangled up in the mouse.

Then out for some shopping. La Boulangerie is an amazing cafe. They used to have a booth at the Kingsland Farmer's Market, but that closed to our great sorrow. We needed a fix so we went all the way up to their 4th St store. Not surprisingly it was full, with a line up for goodies. Everything is yummy. We did take out, and pigged out on it throughout the day.

MEC for some new street shoes. My old ones were long past done. Parking was a bitch, and the place was full. The new shoes feel much more comfortable. There was no give in the old ones at all. For whatever reason, I'm very bad about hanging onto my old shoes too long. Like running shoes for nearly a year. My current ones are from the end of August, so are a bit over 6 months old, and if I believe Runmeter, have about 300 K. They still feel cushy, so they should be good for a while yet. Do you guys go by milage to replace shoes, or just when they lose their cushiness?

Then up to the Italian Supermarket. This is a great place to shop for stuff. Great prices. We get pasta, cheese, nuts, and a few other odds and ends here. Pity it's so far away. It, too, has been discovered and it's hard to get parking.

Then to one of my favourite places, the Calgary Farmer's Market, for a yummy lunch at Big D's. Shopping at Yum Bakery. Yes we loaded up on goodies. Strolled around a bit. I just love the vibe. They had a singer doing some pop standards, and I couldn't quite decide if I liked her voice or not.

Home for a nap, some reading, some puttering about, and playing with the mammals. Altogether a very nice Saturday.

Oh, almost forgot. I made it through a whole week with no coffee at work! Yay me! So far the rule, Life is too short for bad coffee, is working out well.

Oh, and spam! Or rather the lack of it. Ever since I turned off allowing anonymous commenting, I have had zero spam. ZERO! How awesome is that? Not need to turn on that stupid robot captcha thing I hate so much. Just disallow anonymous comments, and life will be good.

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  1. Your little helpers are adorable. I always love seeing photos of them. They obviously adore you.


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