Sunday, March 3, 2013

A quiet day writing

We had a quiet day in today. It's raining out, off and on. That's much better than snow out the wazoo like in Calgary. I spent some time working on my novel. It's much harder to write on the iPad. My thoughts outstrip my ability to type.

As the sun set I got a couple of nice photos and dressed them up just a little tiny bit.

Here's a little snippet of today's writing. There is essentially no editing.

Den pushed the plate of reheated leftovers away. She couldn't face it. Standing up and stretching didn't help. She took her dishes over to the sink.

'I'm going for some fresh air, guys. I'll clean my dishes next coffee.'

After a quick stop in her locker room, she headed down into the tunnels. She didn't feel like a workout walk, but did want to stretch out her legs. Heading around the natural track she worked on her breathing, trying to get rid of the closed in feeling. Gradually she started feeling better, and headed down the tunnels to primary.

Dwen closed her eyes and walked along, right hand trailing on the wall to stay oriented. She took one more step after feeling air where there should be concrete, and turned to the right. She could smell food faintly, with a hint of air conditioning crossed by stale brick. Standing still, she remembered the brief visit down that unknown tunnel, reaching out with both hands.

She opened her eyes abruptly when someone took her hands and gently moved her back into her own tunnel. The monk she had walked with that evening smiled down at her. Several more stood behind him.

Dwen smiled back and bowed. 'Fancy meeting you here. I take it you are not about to give me a tour, or treat me to breakfast in the cafeteria,' she said, gesturing towards the tunnel.

'That wouldn't be the best idea in the world. May I ask how much you've explored?'

'Not much. Had a meal there, and walked down to the main cross tunnel, then came back. How about you?'

'Considerably more. Do you see this every time you pass?'

'No. Only once before. This is like what you said, not to try, isn't it?'

'Very much so.' He sighed, and the three monks exchanged looks. 'If you can see the walkway at all, it won't do much good to tell you not to explore. Eventually you will, even knowing there are dangerous places.'

'Does it matter how many times I haven't seen it?'

'Not at all.' By now he had looped Dwen's arm into his arm and started strolling toward their own hall.

Dwen glanced over her shoulder to see the regular concrete wall again. 'How do you do that?'

'We don't do it. You do, or don't.'

'So you could turn around and walk back down there, even if I was watching? What would I see?'

'Do you have time to have a cup of tea?' He opened the door and gestured inside. Dwen walked in. The head monk walked her into his office.

'Its my privilege to welcome you to a wider world. My obligation too, in some senses, though I'm not sure how best to proceed.' He took a sip of tea and looked at her for a moment. 'You don't really know what that place is, do you?'

'No. It fascinates and scares me all at once. I don't understand how it can be so real at one time, and not there at all another time.'

'Which is why parts of it are so dangerous, especially for you. That understanding doesn't come at all to most people, and only with training and practice for the rest. I'm not sure about you.'


  1. Have you visited the Crystal Caves at Bailey's Bay? Your reference to tunnels reminded me of them (probably because of where you are right now!).

    1. Yes, both of them on our last trip. Wonderful!


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