Monday, June 11, 2012

Outside and nice!

Sunday was cool and almost raining all day long. I was a complete and total slug. I barely got out of my chair all day long. Only for coffee, food, or to go to the bathroom. It was nice.

Swam Monday. Only a half hour, just trying to maintain water feel. There was a moment of being totally gobsmacked at one point, just after I started. My first 100 was about 1:47, nice and relaxed. I was just catching up to the girl in the next lane, who was doing a kick drill. Whatever that kick is called for breast stroke that is so brutal on knees. Her flip turn is about twice the speed of mine. I was gradually catching up, but never quite did, and we turned at the other end of the pool. Then she pulled away. Still doing the kick drill. A 1:47 per 100 is a pretty brisk pace for me in a 50 m pool so I had slowed a bit. I was very impressed. I'm reasonably sure that I simply couldn't do 50 m of that kick at all.

The rest of my swim was pretty good. There were some laps where I felt slow, and the clock said I was fast, and one very much vice versa. I was wondering if someone had played with the clock.

The evening was so nice I scurried around to get stuff done, and then went out for a bike ride. It's been so long! We've had a crappy June so far when it comes to bike rides, but good if you're a duck. I was out to the Priddis volunteer fire station and back, almost exactly 50 K in 1:48, for an average speed of 27.8 Kph. But that doesn't tell the story. Getting there took 1:03 working hard, and coming back took 45 minutes, spinning easy. Needless to say, the trip back was fun.

It felt great being on Estela again, and on such a nice evening. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too, but I wasn't counting on it. Then the rest of the week is rainy, including Saturday, forecast with a 30% chance of rain and high of 16 C. That's a bit on the cool side for a race, since it will be even cooler in the morning and in the mountains. I might have to think about layers, which I hate doing.

Our cat masters are tentatively scheduled to arrive on Thursday.

Just to amuse you, here's what the storm that passed just south of here looked like after being tweaked just a bit in Snapseed.

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