Friday, June 29, 2012

An odd dream

Normally I'm an up and at 'em kind of guy. Shift work messed up my sleep patterns many years ago, and they've never really been good since. In an ideal world I get an afternoon nap, then the 6 hours or so at night is all good. But being short that nap makes me go to bed early, even though I know I won't sleep through till it's time to go to work.

I've been sleeping better since starting the fitness stuff a few years ago, which is good. Not longer, mind you, just going right to sleep instead of tossing and turning half the night. Every now and then I have really strange dreams, and often can remember them. Last night I was sound asleep, and was dreaming I was in an artillery barrage with the Harperites shelling Calgary for cutting back on his campaign donations or something, when I woke up and realized there was a fireworks display happening nearby. Not just the neighbours and a few store bought sparklers.

No, this was the real deal. It lasted quite a while. Eventually I got up and watched. I think it was the Tsuu T'ina nation celebrating something, but I don't know what. I can't imagine First Nations people being terribly excited about Canada Day. In the end I got back to sleep. Then the kitty food imperialists demanded their offerings, and I went back to sleep again.

Then came the odd dream. I had flown into an airport, and Susi picked me up. I napped in the car, and woke up at the start of a bridge, which is where the dream proper started. There is sort of a small gate to wiggle through. Susi was ready to go on ahead. You have to lie on your tummy and pull yourself along on a little sled, while staying low to avoid some wires crossing the track. It's a suspension bridge, and high enough I really couldn't see what was below. The track is mostly transparent, but there was some clouds or fog. I was slowly pulling myself along, dragging my Zoot bag of many pockets, even though it didn't have triathlon stuff in it. I stopped for a rest in the middle because I was tired and hot. Just behind me was a girl in a blue bikini. The track is quite wide and I told her I was going to be a minute and she could pass if she wanted. She didn't, and we chatted while we rested.

When I finally got to the other end Susi was having a cup of tea with the toll booth guy, and had already paid for me. We were still on the bridge, and had to take an elevator down. Except the elevator was open, sort of like one of those amusement park roller coaster cars. We got in and started heading down, steeper and steeper and steeper. Susi had her arms up screaming her head off, hair floating in the wind. We caught the ejection bar as the car was going upside down, and hung there a moment, swinging back and forth. Us and our stuff dropped to a big air pad, and we scrambled to get out of the way of the next person. I don't know what happened next.

I should have played hooky from work yesterday. It was so nice and warm and perfect for a bike ride! But I had a lunch date with AD from Skystone whom I haven't seen for several years except meeting in the +15 a couple weeks ago. Then there was some people at work wanting to discuss our project and the state of certain stuff. At 2pm before a 4 day weekend. That was one meeting that didn't go long, I tell you.

As soon as I got home I was out on my bike for an easy spin around the neighbourhood. My legs have been feeling kind of heavy, so I thought this would be good. Any luck and the weather will be nice enough for a longer bike ride and run this weekend. In between all the stuff I want to get done. Repressing the lawn jungle. Dealing with a bunch of wine (bottle one kit, start another, and bleach a bunch of bottles). House tidying. Getting business tax paperwork all sorted out. All sorts of stuff that I'm way behind on. I've had my coffee, some breakfast, eye drops into Curtis, paid some cat attention, so I guess it's time to get at it.


  1. remind me to never pick you up from the airport....LOL. any type of equipment that drops fast enough I end up screaming is soo not where I want to be ha ha. oh and I am glad it wasn't me in the bikini!!

  2. I will remind you, just before I ask you you to do so because I'm coming to visit out there. Marco and me, and probably most other men agree, you would look just fine in a bikini. Though I admit that particular blue wasn't quite your colour.


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