Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Inner Shark thought I'd forgotten him

Inner Sharks are very sensitive about such things, for all that they are wild and free spirits, coming and going as they please. They don't choose to hang around with humans much, so it was perceived as a bit of an affront when I wasn't there. In some ways, Inner Sharks are much like cats. And if you look at it from his point of view, I've hardly been in the pool since January, so what was he to think? It's very difficult, though not impossible, for him to hang out with me when I'm not in the pool.

Today started with a bit of thrash and flail in the pool. Trying to be smooth doesn't help much when shoulders and other muscles used for swimming are feeling very creaky. Plus my hams were feeling a little bit crampish, just enough that I didn't really want to try to power through flip turns, and took it easy during kick.

But during pull I got the feel of the water back, almost between one stroke and the next, and the next thing I knew my shark buddy was happy to see me. Disappointed in the thrash and general slowness, of course, but happy I hadn't forgotten or outgrown him or something. Humans are so unreliable.

Even though my arms were tired, I tried a timed 100 m, just to see, and it turned out to be 100 seconds. Even then I slowed down in the last 25 m as I tired and started running out of air and got a bit sloppy. I don't want to talk about how much faster is is than the first time I did that a few weeks ago. That was bad.

I felt light and streamlined in the water, and my arms were catching the water again. This is nice! My shark buddy didn't say much about what he'd been up to for the last several months, but then, they don't talk about themselves much. They are more interested in prey. The big guy in my lane moved out when I moved in because he's smart enough to know he doesn't belong in the fast lanes. At the moment I don't either, but then the fast people haven't been showing up lately. There is a new guy at the pool that could keep ahead of me last week, but not anymore. Last Friday at Canyon Meadows I saw M and her husband. He has really improved, which is nice to see. Flip turns and all.

Downstairs for some stretching in the evening. It's raining out, so a run wouldn't be much fun. I'm patiently waiting for my IMC blog buddies to tell the story of their day. Sara, Amber, Tawnee (part 2), Julie, Uli, Jacqui, and Dan. (checks calendar. tap tap tap). Or Facebook,  Sara, Jennifer, Lorraine, Richelle, Amber, Julie, Tessa, Jill, Leanne, Chuck. Any time guys. (checks calendar.)


  1. Love the imagery of your "inner shark". Maybe that is what I've been feeling the last couple trips to the pool. I've also been stalking the blogosphere for IM (Canada and Louisville) race reports! :)


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