Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The yoga snoring chorus

My swim this morning was painful. I slept funny on my shoulder or something, whatever, it hurt. This isn't particularly new, but today was much worse than usual. Swimming normally relaxes it and it feels better after. Not today. It started sore, and gradually got worse. It felt like one arm drill. Did some kick and pull, and a bit more free at the end. Only a half an hour, and it's probably the shortest and worst swim in many months. But it's the only swim I'm going to get this week, so I'll have to take it.

I was careful in yoga since it was still hurting. Breathing deep hurts. Sneezing is agony. Oddly enough, it's getting into the stretch that hurts. Once I'm there I'm usually happy to stay there. I was hoping for a peaceful savasana, but it wasn't to be. The goober beside me is a raspy panter, and it sounds like he drools. I was expecting a wave of drool to assault me in my snooze. Then there was a delicate, interrogatory snore.  A second later came a hopeful, somewhat flirtatious responding snore, followed almost instantly by a competing snore. Then they found their harmony and started a gentle snoring chorus. Unfortunately goober-boy broke in with a snorty gasp, and the snores were startled into silence.

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  1. Bastards. There is absolutely no snoring allowed in savasana.

    Also, yoga seems to cure all triathlon related injuries EXCEPT shoulder ones. I have a pesky shoulder niggle and downward dog does not do it any justice. So, what type of cross training cures shoulder injuries (if you knew, you probably wouldn't have a shoulder injury)? Never mind...


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