Saturday, April 23, 2011

A weak and feeble core session, or a good stretch

I was surprised how beat up, and just plain beat I was feeling today. I got a good sleep but it wasn't as refreshing as one could hope for.

We've got great weather today and tomorrow which is a nice change. I was thinking about riding outside but my legs were not happy with that idea. We compromised by getting in a good stretch session. That was after trying a pushup. NOT!!! Neither could I do that one where you lie on your back with hands behind your head and try to touch right elbow to left knee. I've been getting much better at this but I couldn't even do one. And it's not like I missed by *that much*. It was a lot.

I thrashed around on the floor for about a half hour and felt a bit better for it. Then I got on the trainer for 20 minutes of easy spin. Really easy. My legs didn't mind this so much as I was expecting. Let's see how they feel about it tomorrow.

For the people here in Calgary, the relocated Farmers Market is well worth the wait. Yes, parking is a bitch now but that will sort itself out as the opening day crowds die down and people figure out where they are going.

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  1. That core workout is called bicycle. Your knee didn't want to ride inside either!

    I hate that exercise but it is so effective!


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