Thursday, April 21, 2011

I didn't want to but did anyway

I was tired coming home from work. My legs did not want to go running. None the less I went downstairs and worked through 15 minutes of leg exercises as a warmup. I've discovered a neat addition to the one leg squats. I start like usual, stretching one leg out behind me as I slowly bend the other knee. Then on the way back up, once I'm standing straight I keep the leg that was back moving forward to bring the knee up high. Then back into another squat. Great for balance.

The run was not intended to be fast. I want to get my legs moving, but didn't want to be building up any lactic acid. Ran 5 K nice and easy, though my legs felt very heavy and slow. It ended up being 36 minutes.

So far I am not impressed with my new shoes. They feel heavy and stiff. I need to play with the lacing a bit, maybe that will help.

Big swim tomorrow at Talisman. Hope I don't drown.

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  1. I have a visual image of me doing that lunge/squat/switch thing you described, and it ends up with me on my that how it's supposed to end?


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