Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Does bowling count?

I am losing it here. This work thing is getting intense.

Sunday I did a bit of stretching to prep for my massage. I thought I was in pretty good shape, a bit beat up on the legs, but nothing too terrible. Well holy crap. I nearly cried. I certainly whimpered. You'd think I was a weenie, this tiny little woman pressing one finger into my left shoulder, and getting all that commotion. She worked the rest of me over about the same, finding all sorts of things that hurt. At the end I could barely stand up. I certainly couldn't breathe more than half; it felt like a rib was poking into my left lung. Ouch.

Monday I did my leg exercises and tried to stretch out my back. It wasn't having any of it. More ouch.

Tuesday was a bowling team building event for work. 5 pin bowling. I haven't bowled for many years. And my shoulder/lung/back still hurt. The event was fun, even if the people bringing out food hated us and didn't put anything but some chips on our table. But the servers had to walk past us to get to the rest of the lanes, so whoever wasn't bowling followed her and scored food for all of us. Not what you'd call healthy triathlete fuel, except for the veggie tray. Which I nibbled at fairly industriously, but also went for the cross cut fries. So if bowling counts as a workout, there was maybe an hour's worth.

Wednesday I zoomed in for my first swim in a while. Only 45 minutes, trying to keep my shoulder from rebelling, and trying to get a feel for what intervals I can maintain on 10 seconds rest. I'm joining a bunch of buddies for a big swim at Talisman on Friday. I've lost the water feel again, but it was coming back toward the end of the swim. It was crazy busy when I got there. I was number 6 in the fast lane, but everybody was keeping up, though two were wearing fins. I got a chuckle out of blowing by the guy in the next lane wearing fins and thrashing along.

Wed yoga class. ooooooooh. Shoulder getting better, but I was hoping to click my back and have it feel better. Not.

At least it isn't snowing.


  1. My kids LOVE bowling! I hate it. I don't have a reason...I just do!
    I still need to read your last post. I scanned it...but I need to read it better and hopefully there be something in there to tell me who to vote for...

  2. No sorry Keith, not for you. Maybe if you were not a IM finisher. Maybe if you were bed ridden and weighed 350 pounds.


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