Saturday, August 1, 2009


Now I'm waiting.

I have been banded and released back into the wild. Maybe they want to track my migration habits.

I have all my stuff packed in the bags, except for what I'm going to wear in the morning. I sure hope I haven't forgotten anything.

Since T1 and T2 are an hour's drive apart, there is lots of logistics in getting stuff ready for us. I have no idea what's going to happen when I get to T2. The theory is that someone will take my bike, and lead me to the bag with my running shoes. This is very different for me, since I'm used to setting up my stuff, and walking through where stuff is and what's going to happen.

I was out to T1 to drop off Estela, and scope out how things are going to work. Seems well organized, but lets watch when a bunch of wet hurried out of breath people all try to get into the same space to get their bag and get into their bike gear. There is a small chance of rain tonight, so some people have wrapped their saddles in plastic bags. I don't quite get this. Isn't your butt wet from the swim?

The drive out was a walk in the park. On the way back I decided to drive the north part of the course and see what's been paved. Essentially all of Horse Creek Road is paved now. That should be very nice. There is new pavement on half the road in one section, the half we'll be on. I just hope they don't decide to pave tomorrow. The drive was nice, except for the person at the front of the line driving their little red car about 50 K. There was just enough traffic nobody could pass. The rest of the way home I was bedeviled by little red cars driven by people escaping the geriatric ward. Slowly. Geez. Good thing the air conditioning works or I'd have boiled over.

Once home I made my energy drink, cut up the clifs bars, and am now essentially ready to go. Or as ready as I'm going to get. Except for a few important things, like two more meals, a visit from Jenna's fairy, and trying to sleep in a really hot house. Maybe I'll sleep in the basement, with the alarm set to go off no later than 4am. The buses to T1 start running at 4:30.

To pass the time I took another run at interpreting the cryptic poem that Jenna left on Julie's blog the other day. Last time, what I got came to me right away. So in fact, that meaning is probably another decoy put there by Jenna to obscure her real meaning. When I tried to subject the poem to semiotic analysis I quickly realized that Jenna had laid several booby traps. There was no uniboob. I was led further and further astray, till I was hopelessly confused, a state I'm quite familiar with. I know better than to try again.


  1. Can't wait for the full race report!

  2. I hope you had a great race Keith! It was great cheering you across the finish line!


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