Monday, August 17, 2009

Not too hard, not too far.

But not as far as I thought would be ok.

Once it warmed up I headed out 22X, trying to spin nice and easy. I got settled in ok, but there was some weird stuff happening in my left leg. There was an odd pulling sensation in my calf, just at the widest part on the inside. As well, whichever thigh muscle connects to the top inside corner of the knee was feeling really sore. It was ok for the ride but had the feeling it could get worse if I went too far.

The odd thing is that I had put off the running to give my calves more time to recover, and the run yesterday doesn't seem to have bothered them. They actually have been feeling a bit looser since. However, I could feel the bike ride today stressing some of those muscles. So I think a bit more recovery is indicated. I also think I need to get my bike fit checked sooner rather than later.

I rode for an hour, and just about 2 K from the house I flatted. Of course it's the back tire. Since I didn't really feel like changing a tire just then, I decided to practice pushing my bike by the saddle and walk home. I also walked barefoot rather than in the bike shoes. I even (gasp) ran a bit. That all felt good and was a good cool down.

Once home again I put my legs up for a while and stretched carefully. Things are still twitchy.


  1. Do you typically run barefoot? Or is this some new thang for you? I mean, it's not NEW, NEW. Lots of folks do it, but is it new for you? I've done some research and am interested, but not in winter, over ice and snow. No sir.


  2. You're so intune with your body man, awesome. Nice you didn't let the flat get to you, or at least it didn't sound like it. Just take the day as it comes uh.

  3. Sometimes, it's just not worth the time and effort! Just getting home is the chore.

  4. Now, if you had thrown the bike over your shoulder you could have penciled in "Hike a Bike" training into your workout schedule. :) :)

    I'm going to buy me some of that squirt stuff that you just shoot into the tire and it seals the flat. I've got a friend who swears by the stuff -- no more dicking around changing flats on the side of the road! YAY!! :) :) :)

  5. You are in tune w/ your body....sounds like a nice ride (minus the measly flat).

    PS- hope the cobbler was good from Sunday. I could never write a post knowing food was waiting for me....good self control. :)

  6. Gah! It's ALWAYS the freaking back tire, isn't it!! ;)


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