Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chinook #342

babble. babble. babble. That's my brain talking.

I'm having a very unproductive day here, although Amelia the Cat is pretty pleased with it. She not only got lots of lap time, she even got a bit of yogurt when I was done with lunch.

Don't try to look up interim results for the race on Saturday. Their timing is pretty primitive, or was last year. The only timing mats were into T1, out of T2, and finish. I think I'm as ready to go as I'm going to get. Things are a little creaky and sore today, but I'm liking the rest. I'll do a bit of yoga and light stretching at some point to see if I can get my calves to relax. There's a big knot of tightness in them.

I picked up my race package yesterday. There are numbers for helmet, bike, and bib, a water bottle, a couple tiny containers of body glide, and some advertising. We get our shirts at the finish line. Most of my tri-stuff not in daily use is still packed neatly away from last year, so it shouldn't be difficult to round it all up and get ready for race day.

Forecasts for race day weather have been all over the place, as is to be expected. So far it's looking pretty good. It's going to be very interesting to go through the race knowing there is a cheering section at the finish line. Last year Kelsey was the only person I knew in the race, and it did NOT take her the whole bike to catch me. This year Susi is doing the half with me, and Shannon and Lori are doing the Olympic distance. Any luck at all they'll stick around to see how we do. Susi has imported a cheering section from far and wide, hopefully they won't mind waving a pom pom at me.

I'm looking forward to having some fun, and maybe actually racing a bit! I'll tell you all about it on Sunday.


  1. it's going to be totally awesome and i'm stoked that i get to race with you!

    ya...i kinda like to bring my own cheer squad, haha. there will be plenty o cheering for all of us, don't you worry. jen will have linda screaming at the top of her lungs in no time! for a quiet dude, my dad sure can yell too! all that time in the miltary taught him well. haha.

    snoopy happy dance time...

  2. i will be a screaming thing....teaching allto scream along too - and pictures...lots of em....

  3. You WON, You WON! Go to my blog, I need your snail mail addy and your shoe size (for the socks)! Yay.


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