Saturday, August 2, 2008

Julie and Susie are off to the Road to Nepal

This very minute, they are probably pedaling their brains out up the long hill, or at the top, getting the first look at the steep hill, and the hints of distant hills. I hope they take a moment at the top of some of the hills to enjoy the view. It really is quite remarkable.

Susi was firm, Greg. Very firm. Would not even let me consider the possibility of coming along. Wouldn't even let me ride them out to 37th St on Estela, because then I'd want to follow along. I'm puttering around getting all packed up for the Canmore Oly. Legs are feeling good, with the odd twinge. I'll have to be careful to do a good warmup tomorrow.

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  1. you were there in spirit!

    now hurry up with your canmore race report!!!!


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