Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fri rest, Sat run

It took me a long time to go to sleep on Thursday night. It was hot, and I was still pumped from my ride. Friday morning I was supposed to swim, but I wanted to sleep in a bit more. Friday night was the end of a long week. I went to bed early.

Sat am I was up really early to run an errand. Had a bit of breakie, then went for the run I was supposed to do on Friday. I did the loop down into Fish Creek. I'ts about 7.8 Km. I was to run 15/1. I even wore my new Legend jersey to see how it felt, and where it rode up to. Did some stretching before, and started easy.

It was warm, and even with an easy start my heart rate went way up. Once I got on the path, it came back down again, but never got below mid-120's; a little higher than I'd like. My goal was to run steady and easy, trying to imagine my feet and legs were like a little tank tread rolling around and around, while my body floated above it.

It got hot on the hill out of Fish Creek, but the run through the trees was very nice. At first the shirt was riding up, but once I got sweaty it mostly stayed fairly close to my shorts. Still a bit of belly showing. Odd feeling to run sleevless.

I made it back to my starting point in less than an hour, which is the first time it's happened on this route. Kept going around behind our house on the beginning of my 5 k loop, but only did the first K to finish my run in 1 hr 4 min. After doing the mapmyrun thing, I figure I ran just over 8 K in the hour. That's not quite as quick as my Canmore pace, but I wasn't trying to go fast. I'm pretty pleased with that, since I could have kept going. Stretched after.

Went shopping for tri-goodies, more food (Cliff's and Gu), new goggles, some body glide, more spray on sunscreen, and a Zoot Tri-bag. The number of pockets in the house just doubled when I brought it home. I'm still not sure I've opened them all. Sure beats a 20 year old beat up hockey bag. Made the hotel reservation for Camrose next weekend. Tried on a pair of the 5 toe shoes, but my 3rd and 4th toes are just about welded together and it didn't work out well. I think it was a size too small, but it was the demo shoe, and they were swamped today. I'll try again another time when they're less busy.

Today's numbers:
131 bpm average heart rate
149 bpm peak (coming out of Fish Creek up the hill.)
1125 calories


  1. you will love the five finger toe shoes when you unweld your toes! haha.

    great run!

  2. welded toes and dont; you just love getting new stuff:)

  3. I need to get a tri bag too -- my old backpack is just useless, I usually end up wearing my hat, my helmet (over top my hat), and then loop things around my wrists and fingers while pushing my bike. That's it! No more! I am buying a tri bag at the expo in Penticton! :) :) :)


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