Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flip (gurgle, snort, gasp, but NOT bonk!) turns

First swim in a pool in what seems like forever. Did 500 m warmup and a nice easy pace. The 5 or 6 50 m sprints that were strong but not quite all out, with 20 seconds rest. Then some more laps, trying to do flip turns in the deep end. I mostly got around, and I'm happy I didn't bonk myself. Then into the dive tank for some stretching and core work. I could really tell I hadn't done this for a while!

This evening I did a bit of stretching and went out for a 30 min EZ run. It started off really well. For my legs the whole thing continued really well. But for some reason about half way through my heart rate went from 120 up to peak at 134, even slowing down a bit didn't bring the heart rate down. It was going much faster than my breathing would have indicated. Not sure what that was all about. Overall average for the half hour was 123 bpm. Stretched more after. Feeling good.

Swim .75 max, run .5 hr.


  1. Keep at those flip turns! You must be improving if you didn't bonk your head -- that's a cause for celebration alone!! :) :)

  2. no bonking...well thats no fun for spectators!!!


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