Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Brick

The IGP™ called for 95 to 105 min spin (6/4 upper/lower zone 2) then 15 to 20 min run.

10 min warmup
10 min one leg drill (ugh)
8 x 6 upper zone 2, 4 lower.
5 min cool down.
1.75 hr

The upper zone work was alternating between 90 rpm easy gear, and 60 rpm hard gear, except for the last two where I was over 100 rpm in the easist or second easiest gear. And still under 120 bpm! The ride felt good, wrists and butt a little tingley, but not too bad. I think my back tire is beginning to show some white, meaning I think I've nearly worn through the rubber. Time to get a good road tire, and maybe a trainer tire too.

just over a 3 minute transition, then 2 K in 15 min, with heart rate still under 120, except for the last minute or so. Overall a nice workout. If I'm feeling good this afternoon I'll take my hybrid outside and have some fun. I've been meaning to map out my 5 K route to know more precisely where the kilometer marks are.

Afterward I did some stretching and core work. Yes, including plank. (oof) Legs feel good.

Weekly hours.
Swim 2.5 hr
Bike 4.4 hr
Run .85 hr
Total 7.75 hr


  1. Sounds like you had a great workout! What a great way to end the week a good solid brick! :) :)

  2. each time you do the plank envision us standing around you cheering 'PLANK! PLANK! PLANK!'. haha.

  3. lol...yeah can't swing at us when you are planking...PLANK, PLANK, PLANK

  4. Good job!! This will ALL come in handy this summer. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!!


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