Sunday, March 30, 2008

Solid Sunday spin workout

It snowed here last night. Maybe 4 or 5 cm. IG and I had planned to get together at noon to run, but what with work issues for him, and it snowing when we talked, we decided to put it off.

10 min warmup
10 min 1 leg drill (30 sec R, 30 sec both, 30 sec L, 30 sec both, repeat 5 times.)
10 x 6.3/3.5 min upper and lower zone 2. Five sets hill climbing, 5 spin at +90 rpm. Just to mix things up did the first part of the hill sets standing up, and the first part of the fast sets by spinning at 120. Both of these went till my heart hit the top of zone 2, then I settled in for the rest of the workout.

2:40 transition
2 K easy run, 16:12, heart rate mostly in the low 120's. Just a little splashy, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

Overall a great workout. I felt strong and comfy on the bike, and could have gone on much longer. As the sets continued, I found I could work in higher gears, or higher rpm, at the same heart rate. It seems I can now spin at 120 or so, for about 20 seconds, without bouncing. That's a major improvement for me. Used to be about 110 and my butt was all over the seat like a jackhammer.

Weekly totals
Swim 2.16 hr
Bike 4.75 hr
Run 1.25 hr
Total 8.16


  1. jackhammer. giggle. giggle.

    stupid snow...we all need to move to a warm island that's big enough we can bike on. sigh.

  2. Wow...that is alot of snow!! I did not realize..however if I read the news once in awhile...

  3. Good job Keith -- just think of the damage you could do at the pool if you channel the jackhammer and the shark!! LOL!! :) :)

  4. Nice job have been kickin ass as of late.


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