Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peaceful Sunday Brick

I actually slept in a bit this morning, which is very unusual for me. After a peaceful morning and some quality cat lap time, I got myself started on today's brick.

10 min warmup
10 x 6/4 (upper zone 2/lower zone 2)
10 min cooldown down doing some pedal control work.
3.5 minute transition
20 min, run about 2.5 K, trying to keep heart rate under 120, and mostly failing miserably with it wanting to settle in at mid 120's.
Toal 2 hr, 20 minutes

The ride went really well. I did some more experimenting with gear choices trying to get and keep my heart rate as close to 120 as possible. The idea was to do half the upper zone using an easy gear at about 90 rpm, and half in a hard gear, about 55-60 rpm.

When I started the spin it was gloomy and snowing lightly, so I laid out clothes accordingly. When I got upstairs for my run I had to squint into the sunlight. The streets and sidewalks were mostly melted, though with the wind it was still a chilly day. Must putter about, we've got guests for dinner tonight. No, let me rephrase that. We have guests coming, and we're going to feed them dinner. They tend to be night owls so I hope I'm not dragging my butt too much tomorrow.

Weekly totals
Swim 1.9 hr
Bike 4.75 hr
Run 2.33 hr
Total 9.0 hr

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