Monday, March 31, 2008

Another first!

Boy, life as a tri-wannabe is just full of firsts. Who knew?

Swim this morning was in a quiet pool of overheated water at FOMC. Gack. I felt slow. I was going to do 2K, but hauled out at 1K, and did some core work. Then I felt a bit guilty at walking by an empty lane so I popped in for some quick intervals to remind myself that I can in fact swim faster. Well, a little bit faster.

1K 19:39
15 min core
4 x 50 m on 1:15. First was 40 seconds, then 44, and the last 2 at 45 seconds. It's surprisingly hard to look at a watch rather than a pace clock for the times.
Let's be charitable and call it 40 minutes.

And the first? Today is the first day ever I've actually run with someone, and, and, chatted. It's fun. The lucky participant in such a momentous event? Why, IG himself. The idea was to see if there's something weird or perverted with how I'm running, or anything that needs fixing before I build bad habits. Amazing enough, there doesn't seem to be. Just to continue on with what I'm doing.

We did a 5 K loop in north Glenmore park in 35 min, then a bit more just for fun to bring it up to a little over 40 minutes. We started off nice and easy for me, upper zone 2, then pushed a bit harder to see how upper zone 3 feels. Used to be a minute at 140 bpm was enough to make me stop. I spent quite a bit of time mid 130's still mostly able to talk. I'm still not light on my feet, not by any stretch of the imagination. Picture a somewhat tired elephant trying to break into a trot on nice flat ground. But much better than when I started, when the word picture was " Picture a very tired elephant trying to break into a trot in swamp and you've got about the right idea."


  1. Murphy's Law: When Keith finally gets an open lane, the pool is the same temperature as the hot tub. LOL!!

    Glad to hear you are not a perverted runner!! Hee-hee! :)

  2. What exactly would a perverted run entail?

    Running without shorts?

    Openly leering at the female runners going past you shouting out obscenities?

    Excessively swinging your hips?

    sigh, I'll stop now

  3. lol....Glad to hear you are not a bad habit runner - now you can continue your growth into a speed deamon triathlete!!!

  4. Hahahaha!! Running without shorts!! Fabulous qt!! LOL!


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