Saturday, March 14, 2015

The biggest one ever

Swam Thursday, and it was pathetic. Long course, 1 K, 19:30. My whole left side was in rebellion, and it was all I could do to get that much done. Leg trailing along, arm flopping here and there, left ribs and lung not expanding because of the pain. Not a lot of fun. The only thing good about it was that I didn't stay in bed, huddling under the plaid flannel blankets.

I didn't even consider swimming on Friday, nor a run after work. I've been so tired, and not sleeping well. Friday I was out getting shots of a pretty nice sunrise. See for yourself. The first is looking east, and the second is looking north west, believe it or not. These are un-retouched.

Saturday I actually slept in. From there I graduated to cuddling cats and having a slow start to the morning. A little later I bottled a Brunello kit. 29 bottles, with maybe a third of a bottle left over. I'm drinking that now, very fresh and fruity. Very drinkable, and that's right out of the carboy. I can't wait for 3 months to taste it again.

The only thing is that I suspect the label is going to be hard to get off. Plus, it's huge! It doesn't need to be this big. I can't get it all in one shot.

I had to go through a bit of effort getting these photos on the laptop. Turning off photostream and turning it back on is the only way I know to force it to update. I was scrolling through looking for a particular photo, and I've come to realize there are many duplicates. Photosweeper here I come!

Anyone have any experience with the new photo app, or with photosweeper they'd care to share with me?

In other news I've had verbal assurance that my contract is renewed, we're just waiting for the paperwork to show up. I still need a vacation.

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