Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Celina photobomb

Now that I'm a little more caught up on sleep I'm feeling a whole lot better. Even yesterday afternoon my knees were not all that cranky with me at all. I was certainly in bed early again.

My run buddy Michelle encouraged me to run anyway, even through it's still winter out there, and offered to come along. It turns out that once around the reservoir is exactly 15 K. 1:55 or so, at a pretty even 7:30 K pace, other than a walk at half way to eat a cookie or two while Michelle dealt with other issues. The run felt really good, so I'm glad I was out. Thanks for coming along Michelle!

Sorry Cori, we were a bit rushed, so I didn't get to video the anti-cast and swift healing dances.

I was a bit surprised how many other runners there were out, but then there's a Running Room in Glenmore Landing that supports a ton of running groups. The only place the path was kind of crappy was down in Weaselhead. Everywhere else had been plowed. So let's see, I'll do the run screen shots for those interested, then the cat photos.

And now, starring Curtis and Celina! The light was just perfect, complimenting his fur.

And then Celina had to hop up to get into the photo for one of the top 10 photo bombs ever. She wasn't there when I started to press the button.

This is one of the better photos of Curtis.

Celina was not feeling the camera love this morning.

This is what spring in Alberta looks like. Can you tell how shoveled my sidewalk is. All the snow on the fence fell last night.

Lastly, novel stuff. I dived back into the timeline software, and have got that (mostly) sorted out. More writing needed, and shuffling around a bit of existing writing.


  1. I just couldn't do an outdoor run this weekend, I hate winter running, all this snow needs to go, so I hit the gym instead... I've never done the whole way round the reservoir, looks like a great run tho!

    1. I kind of like running in the winter, most of the time, but this year it's been a struggle, that's for sure. There was a ton of runners out there. This is only the second time I've run all around it in one go, but I've biked it many times.

  2. Sounds like you had a great run - yay! Love, love, love the photobomb - too funny!! Hopefully winter will leave - SOON! So we all can get out there and get running again. Oh, and I'm with Sara - the run around the reservoir looks like a fabulous one!

    1. I will probably do that same run next weekend, and will try to take some photos. There are photos of it on my blog, but you'd have to go looking. Not that that's a bad thing, of course. Who knows what you might find, blitherings from years ago buried in one of the nearly 1700 posts, random words escaping my brain, saying who knows what...


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