Sunday, March 2, 2014

Not quite as planned

So after I put Linda on the bus to Edmonton, I came back home and fairly directly climbed on my bike. I haven't been there in a while.

A 2 hour ride turned out to be a bit optimistic. My thinking was that I was supposed to run 16 K, and that would take 2 hours. I had a nice easy warm up, not pushing too hard. Even so, after an hour I noticed was was starting to feel a bit more feeble and I was losing my focus. At an hour and twenty minutes I called it. I was starting to hack and cough again, even though I wasn't breathing all that hard. Stretched, and rolled the ball into some spots where it was good for it.

It's still brutal out so after a shower I settled in and spent most of the day writing. That touching father daughter scene that I'd written about 10 years too late? Rewrote that so Erin is 15. It works much better this way.

Plus the cats. This is what I had the other day. It was very peaceful supervision.

What I got today were constant complaints about the service, or the lack of it from their perspective. Celina has figured out how to rattle the big container where the dry food is kept. It makes a horrible noise. We may have to put something on top of it, a big stuffed toy or something. Curtis has made serious attempts to lie on top of the laptop, while I'm typing on it. Life can be difficult.

It's still -WTF cold here. Another week, they say. Sigh.

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  1. You know, I was going to ask yesterday where the cat pictures were - and here's Curtis - YAY! Good call on ending the bike workout - you don't want to relapse. And, man, you guys are cold out that way. Brrr.


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