Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soft, pink, ankle deep sand

It's just killing me that I can't really comment on blogs using the iPad. Blogger has eaten many, but a few get through, and I don't know why. So if you're thinking I don't love you anymore because I'm not commenting, it's not true. Reading lots, and gnashing my teeth at all the witty comments going to nothingness.

Back to the beach today. We started at Horseshoe Bay and slowly worked our way along. There are rock outcroppings that create smaller private beaches. Sometimes you can wade around to them, sometimes you have to walk some sandy trails to get there.

There were a few more people today, but the majority of them appeared to be one herd of college kids. We walked to the end, and kept going one past where we got last time. We had it to ourselves. After a bit of running in the soft sand, I swam a bit, and tried snorkeling, but the water was too turbid to see anything. The water was much warmer than any of the triathlons I've done, even if the locals think its way too cold to even wade in.

It was very relaxing. We strolled on and eventually made it to Warwick beach. Even fewer people. Softer, deeper sand. We loved it. Eventually we emerged and headed back to the house as the clouds were getting darker and it was starting to cool off.

Some lightly processed photos for you.

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  1. "and gnashing my teeth at all the witty comments going to nothingness."

    Ahhh, Keith, You are one of the great ones.

    Are you STILL on vacation? I'm starting to get pissed...

    kidding, enjoy every last minute of it, you bastard!!! ;)

  2. KK may be kidding but I'm seriously getting pissed. Get your arse home and back to work, will you? ;-)


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