Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bird theme yoga

Zoom! No, that's not the yoga, just my life lately.

Shortly after posting last blog I got this photo.

There is a Mosquito bomber flying again. I watched about 10 minutes of video of it. Curtis was almost as fascinated as me.

Decided not to swim this morning in favour of getting into the office at the regular time to put the final polish on a presentation. Good thing too. It all went very well and I've got lots of work now. Just after getting back the office furniture guys arrived to make the changes we requested. It's a small office, with a huge desk unit that took up all the space. It was quite the production getting it out. Here's what my part looks like now, with me standing in the doorway.

Essentially as soon as we got home my neighbour called. He'd forgotten a box and asked me to take it to his son's place before they left to go to the same place. Sure. I owe him a favour anyways for shoveling my driveway while we were on vacation. Turns out the son and I have lots in common, did IMC the same year, and are both having problems finding work out and work life balance.

Then a quick bite and off to yoga class. Pardon me if I burble a little bit. We have the best yoga instructor in the world, and with a small class of the regulars we had so much fun! Linda nearly fell out of a pose she was laughing so hard. It was fun, relaxing, and a good workout, all in a bird theme. We did water bird, owl, flying bird, crow, stork with eagle arms, heron, pigeon, and peacock mudra during meditation. Just lovely.

Quads and IT and Soleus are all feeling better. I actually ran up the stairs to yoga class. Maybe I'll run after work tomorrow; it will certainly be nice enough. So it's been a long and busy day. Good Night.

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