My videos

Here's all my videos, oldest at the bottom, newest at the top. Most of these are done on my iPhone. This sort of thing is totally new to me, and I'm having a blast playing with it. The videos are purely for my amusement, and if they amuse my friends so much the better.

These are not what you'd call polished.

Several readers requested a video of the dryland exercise I used to improve my flip turns. Jan 22, 2011

The Mercury Rising swim camp included a spin session. Jan 16, 2011.

We decorate our tree on Christmas eve. I'd hoped to do it as a time lapse movie, but the software I have doesn't have that option. So I had to take the snippets I wanted. I put the iPhone on the ledge near our front door and just let it run. The raw file was 47 minutes long. Pity we didn't know more exactly where the centre of the field of view is. I'm not sure why it was so orangey, and our faces appear so red. Dec 24, 2010.

Chocolate! December 19, 2010.

This one is a bit of an in-joke with my American blog readers. They always yank our chain about spelling and how we pronounce about. They've been listening to Newfies and think that's how the rest of us talk. Sorry to disappoint you guys. So I had done up a paragraph using all the words spelled here with ou and just a naked o in America, and had it make sense and be in alpha order. How about that? I have a new respect for people that read scripts while facing a camera. Dec 18, 2010.

Here's my first experiment with putting raw clips into iMovie and trying to trim off the ends, add transitions and a title.

Julie invited me down to Pincher Creek to swim with her Dec 7, 2010. I was a bit nervous with my iPhone on the pool deck, and it's pretty shaky. If you're a swim pro and have suggestions for her, look for her in my blogroll on the left.

The Janelle Morrison Spinathon Nov 27, 2010.

Here is Todd at a Sunday spin class doing an all out spin. Nov 28, 2010.

Me proving to Katie that I actually do plank. Sometimes. Oct 3, 2010. Linda's commentary did me in.

This is as much colour as Calgary ever gets. Done late Sept 2010.

My very first one, taken at the Calgary zoo. So far, it's by far my most popular, since it includes search terms that the general public might use. Plus the little baby T Rex is so cute! Done mid Sept 2010.


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