Sunday, September 6, 2020

It's all happening at the dam

At last! After 5 years the Glenmore dam pathway is open again. Of course we had to check it out, and since we hadn't been there for a while, we strolled around the area and walked as far as the Sandy Beach bridge. I hadn't been into some of the paths just downstream of the dam.
The main point of the upgrade was to raise the dam height, and give them more flexibility to control flooding and retain more water in the reservoir. Perhaps now we will gradually see some of the Weaselhead back under water again as the level rises. It's been sort of weird to see it so low for so long.
The better bike and pedestrian path is a happy byproduct. Going through there was a little dodgy at times. The people who commute by bike downtown are beyond happy. This has meant a detour west towards Crowchild, then up and over Glenmore, then back east again. That extra bit of distance is a huge deal for runners, and doubly so for a slogger like I was back then.

The top area looks really nice now, and has a pretty good view of downtown. I'm hoping they develop the area just south of the dam into a little park or something. Last I looked there was an outdoor fitness setup at the top of the hill, building onto that would be nice.

 1. Looking south from near the water treatment plant.
2. And in a serendipity post, the same file number from late 2016.

 3.Linda, surveying new territories.
4. Looking north.
6. There it is, downtown, and where lots of people start their float journey down the river.
8. Looking down.
9. I'll have to come back sometime when they have these wide open.
11. Of course I brought the wide angle lens.
13. I don't know what's in the tower.
15. An alternative view of the dam.
17. Nestled into the vegetation.
18. Autumn is coming.

Of the Day
Curtis, peering past Celina's butt to see what's going on outside, after she pushed her way in.

White Peony



  1. At first I thought, Wow, you guys are brave! I thought it would be a s#!t show with loads of people and dismissed the opening. But it looks quite sparse of spectators and participants. Thanks for the pictures!! Today's white peony is divine (I should have started commenting sooner as I do look forward to this particular "of the day" along with Curtis, of course).

  2. Well that is looking very nu nu. I half expected to see market stalls in those alcoves along the walkway. 8 is a nearly. The composition is good. The whiteness and brightness of the outflow distracts from the other elements of the composition, which I quite like. The flowers are lovely. Cheers, Sean


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