Thursday, September 24, 2020

A peony in pink, part 1

You've been seeing the white peony on a regular basis, and know there's a red one that shows up every now and then. It's just as pretty, and has a wonderful scent, but that red is really hard to photograph. At least hard for me to photograph. Sort of like Celina, she is a really pretty kitty, but somehow not as photogenic as Curtis.

But there are several other peonies that have some pink in them. So that's what you get today, in no particular order. These are mostly the new peonies beside the house, getting morning sun.

Now that I look at it, this might actually be the red one, with me playing with colour balance and stuff. 

And stay tuned for part two, mostly featuring the big pink peony in the back patio.

Of the Day
I've been trying to get a photo of these little guys in the basket for a while, but have had my difficulties. Linda says they're biddens. Which sounds like a derogatory term used by staff at auction sales to describe people afraid to bid.

White peony


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

From a year ago in Fish Creek

As some of you know, I try to keep track of photos that get used in the blog. That way I don't bore you with repeats. There's a not blogged in 3 months folder, and a not blogged in one year, that I look at when writing a blog. I don't have to do anything, there's a rule that tells the computer what goes in the folders.

That a photo hasn't been blogged doesn't mean that I don't like it, or that its a bad photo. It's just that I take a lot of photos, and they don't always fit into a blog.  As I write this, there are 1308 photos in not blogged in a year, and 208 not blogged in 3 months. These counts don't include my community association work, or races, or any private clients.

I've never been sure how many words, or photos I can put into a blog and not drive away readers. I'm pretty sure that some of the ranty walls of text have had people realize how long it was, and come back when they had more time. Or a stronger drink...

I try to mix it up, sometimes long, sometimes short. Sometimes fun and light, other times serious. Sometimes photos that go with the text, and sometimes not. It's like that famous box of chocolates.

As you probably guessed from the title, these are from a walk in Fish Creek a year ago. If you missed it, yesterday's post had photos from a couple of walks within the last week. This is a great time of the year to walk there.

Of the Day

White peony


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Peaceful fall landscapes

 Fish Creek is lovely any time of year, but the colours are coming out to play about now. Some luck with the wind gives astonishing reflection opportunities. I've had two wonderful walks with friends over the last few days. It's fun walking with people who've never seen these particular places, or who haven't seen it recently. 

A nice reflection for you.

A panorama. There's a beaver dam creating this pond.

A path, with nobody on it for the moment. It's nice to see the park well used, even if it does make getting a shot more difficult.

This tree might not be there much longer, the bank is eroding away underneath it.
Of the Day
There is a purple dahlia just blooming in the back patio that is going to get a blog to itself. You'll have to make do with a red one for today.

White peony


Monday, September 21, 2020

Macro Monday 39, sharp. But clean?

Like many other red-blooded Canadian men, I've been giving the barbecue a workout this summer. The list includes lamb and bison burgers, rack of lamb (I'll put my rack of lamb up against any restaurant in the city), various bison steaks, a lamb shoulder roast cut into steaks, a lamb roast on the rotisserie, lots of chicken done different ways, and several kinds of fish usually done in foil. Most of these have a specialty Linda marinade that makes them ever so much more yummy. We've had a wonderful summer having lunch and dinner out on the patio. It's getting a bit cool for that now. We've been hoping to get one last lunch, but this was a busy weekend.

Steak knives are often used after taking the meat off the barbecue, and the other day I was looking closely at the tiny little grooves in the knives, and wondering if the bristles of the scrubby brush actually get into the grooves. You can decide for yourself. All of these are shot at about 5x magnification, so the width of the photo is about 4 mm in real life.

These are the scrubby brush bristles. Clearly they reach into the grooves. Good thing.

The texture of the different steels makes macro photos fascinating to me. I didn't do anything to add the flecks of colour, just shot these under really, really bright work lights.

Of the Day
Flowers, same flower, fore and aft, so to speak. This dahlia is just exquisite. I'm hoping to get some lovely morning or evening light on it.

White peony


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Several discussions coming together

The other day my friend Janice commented here that she was thinking of putting her favourite photos in books. My friend Sean has done so several times. I've explored the Lightroom to Blurb route a couple times, but haven't done it yet.

Linda and I have talked of getting some more prints done, and while we have some wall space now, there is a limited supply. Even getting superb quality prints isn't particularly expensive. It's the framing and display and preservation. Remember those big metal stands you could leaf through posters with? (Does anyone buy posters any more?) I've even thought of that. I tried running all the photos sequentially on the cube. That worked ok for a while, then stopped. I'm not sure why. That was during the really hot days so maybe the poor thing overheated. I'll try that again soon.

The other thing we thought about doing was putting up a big TV over the stairs and cycling the photos through that. Same idea as the cube but bigger. I'd hate to spend the money on such a set up and find out it doesn't work any better than on the cube. When the advertising tells you this will work, they don't talk about the limits. The USB I'd plug into it has nearly 15 thousand photos on it. A couple years and it will be 20 thousand.

Then yesterday while doing a photoshoot at the community cleanup I got talking to someone about photography. They were boggled at the numbers and wondered why photographers kept the ones they didn't edit/print/sell. We don't keep all of them, of course. I just deleted 3 thousand, and could probably be a bit more aggressive about deleting more. 

But sometimes things look different on a second look. Or a third. I've seen images and wondered why I hadn't done anything with them. Or there was something wrong that I couldn't fix then, but can now. Or go a different route entirely by starting with a 'flawed' image. Or learning from your mistakes, and I've made at least my share. Planning future trips, thinking about what I'd do different next time. Deletion is permanent.

I was exploring the idea of breaking up the photos in Lightroom into current, the active storage of edited image, and the more archival storage of not-edited images. There doesn't seem to be an easy way of doing that.

The hard drive enclosure failure has me thinking about photos again, and going back to the book idea. But then there's no way I'm going to print 15,000 photos. But even I think about just the images I've given 5 stars to over the years, I'm looking at 181. That would be a big expensive book. Perhaps a favourites by year? Or a book for New Zealand and another for Yukon? Two trips each, lots to choose from. A book of just cat photos? How about just Fish Creek, or even, just bridge 2 in all seasons? Our garden? I could fill a book with just images of the white peony, but who would look at it, let alone buy one? When I think about the agonies I go through to pick image of the month, or image of the year, I can just imagine what I'd go through trying to boil it down to a book.

Size and style, and a few other decisions drives the cost of such books. It's expensive compared to buying a paperback, but not out of line with buying any other expensive photo book. Getting just one is expensive, but the price drops as you print more. However, it seems pretty vain to print a book of my photos and give them to someone as a gift, even if they've said they like my images. Doing a family photoshoot, and delivering the results as books is a thing, though most people just want digital copies now, and some want small prints. I have thought about doing a topical calendar, would anyone buy one of those?

So some stuff to think about. I'd like to hear from other photographers on this topic. Have you done books, prints, or digital display?

And now, what photos should I show you today? If you wanted, you could look at the images from the community clean up yesterday. Look for the LINK. Some of them are not what you'd think, and a couple will tug at your heart strings.

Let's start with some dragonflies taken September 4. This was shortly after Bebo Grove opened up again, and I was re-exploring. 

Some reflection photos from near the same place, taken a few days earlier.

And a little before that, this guy was right in my face as I strolled through the creek. At one point he was so close I had to zoom out, and was wondering if the lens would focus.

Which gives several serendipity shots.

This is actually part of a time lapse sequence and is not edited to single shot perfection.

This one is actually a future serendipity, given it's from late March this year. I'd have blogged it eventually.

Not sure if this is a clematis or a scarlet runner bean reaching for the sky.

Of the Day
Curtis and Celina are being elusive.

Flower. Linda's potted annuals are still doing well. All the drugs she feeds them, and the care and attention, they darn well should be doing well. Still, winter is coming, and we'll have a cycle of tidying up the garden and putting things to bed for the winter. Linda is always sad to see blooming plants cut off by frost.

White Peony

This is part of the treasure trove Linda found on Kuri Bush, near Taieri Mouth.

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