Saturday, June 27, 2020

Several kinds of art

One of the neat things about gardens is garden art. We have several pieces already that have shown up in various photos, and several more got added to the collection. Well, they've been part of the collection for a long time, but haven't been on display. I'd teased the installation here, and now you get to see it.

We had friends visit from Ft McMurray yesterday and they brought treats! He got a job there late last year, and like so many others, he commuted, but that got old. They decided to sell their really quite nice house in a nice neighbourhood and move. Much to our surprise it sold. The real estate market has been the shits here, but their place ticked a lot of boxes. We checked the place a few times for them, and looked for some stuff they couldn't find, that it turns out the movers overlooked. We had a lovely afternoon on the patio, drinking wine, and nibbling treats. These are from the Mission Patisserie. I've never seen anything like this in our local Patisserie, and they're the same company. They were tres yummy!

I mentioned the wine thing. That implies wine glasses. They are somewhat delicate and are going to break sooner or later. I'm pretty sure we don't actually have a set of 4 matching wine glasses any more, but I'm not fussed. If my friends don't want to drink my wine because the glasses are mismatched, they don't need to be friends anymore.

But broken wine glasses usually leave a mess. Not this time. I have never in my life seen a wine glass break like this. I almost didn't hear it or notice. There was a tiny click as I set it down on the counter.

Of the Day
This particular photo, and a couple quite similar to it have some regrets for me, mainly that darn plant in front of her right arm. Yes, you say, Photoshop. Maybe someone with mad skillz could get rid of it and not make it look worse. If I'd noticed in camera I could have thought about snipping that one stalk, though generally I try not to do that sort of thing. Otherwise, I quite like the vegetation.

Celina through the window.



Ribbon Creek


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